My name is Marine Michel, a French born and English speaking Graphic Designer. I have been working in the design industry since 2012. Working in multiple fields ranging from a Sport Event Agency, to an Independent Fashion Magazine and a major E-commerce solutions agency my range of Graphic and Communication design seems to know no limit.
With experience in the fast paced demands of a job and ever growing organizational skills, creativity and respect for the audience which I cater to I've been able to make my way in this creative field.
Fluent in all the required programs such as InDesign, Photoshop, Lightroom and Illustrator and I'm always teaching myself new skills required to be the best at my job such as web design, html/css responsive design, account management and video cutting.
I've also made it my mission to reach creative fulfilment by staying active in my photographic work and making a name for myself by getting published in magazines such as Wildabout, Toksick and Splendor Mag.

So, want to work together?